“We are more then just land, we are people”

In the first article “Tourism to Greenland: Renewed Ethnicity,” it is about the competition shared between the local Greenland people and the Danes/European in the tourist season. The tourist season is short and is not much of an opportunity to showcase all of Greenland. But the Natives are worried that control of tourism will be taken from non-Greenland people. This is a problem because tourism is seen as a new way to help the Natives earn money in the industry by tourism, but if that is taken away, there will be nothing left for them.

In the second article “Inuits fear they will be will overwhelmed as extinction..”, the community of Ulukhaktok is worried that the Crystal Cruise coming to their village is going to hurt their people and ultimately their economy as well. The village of Ulukhaktok only has a population of around 400, and the cruise is bringing that much people to tour around the village. With the huge boat coming along, it can damage what little land they have with the carbon it will bring. The trip is becoming possible because the carbon emission is allowing the sea ice to melt. However, with the sea ice melting, what little food  the community had left will disappear. This along with other problems as well.

For the first article, their is no specific author, being that the website is to work with Indigenous people and bring to light issues in their communities. Yes the author is associated with an organization, called Cultural Survival.  Their goal is to advocate for indigenous people’s  rights and supports indigenous communities culture. The article was published in September 1982, so it is out-of-date with my research. I think the author is not trying to get a specific audience attention, but to address to people who care about what is going on with indigenous people. They want to inform people who can try to help them and support them. I believe the information is factual and opinionated. Although the site is based on the opinion of the indigenous people, there was facts mentioned all through the article. The article is also kind of biased, due to the fact that it is trying to help show attention to what is happening to people of Greenland.

For the second article, the author, Robin Mckie was a science and technology writer/editor. So no he did not write in a topic of expertise. Nor is he associated with an organization.The article was published in August 2016, meaning it was published up to date with my research. The author was trying to address an audience who can help their people. Since they are not in the best conditions, I think the author is trying to bring to light what is going on to help them. The information being shown is factual. It is also valid, due to the fact that is was an actual event to happen. I also believe this article was written more advanced then other articles I read on this same topic.


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