The Aboriginals of Canada- the Inuit

The indigenous group that interests me is the Inuit people. They used to be called Eskimos, which came the Native American word for “eater of raw meat”. Now the Arctic people are officially known as the Inuit, which means “the people”.

They are located in Northern Canada, Alaska, Greenland, and Siberia. Nunangat is thier homeland, which refers to the land, water and ice contained in the Arctic region. There is eight Inuit groups in total. They are the Labradormiut (Labrador), Nunavimmiut (Ungava), Baffin Island, Iglulingmuit (Iglulik), Kivallirmiut (Caribou), Netsilingmiut (Netsilik), Inuinnait (Copper) and Invialuit or Western Arctic Inuit.

The reason why this group interests me is because I have heard about the Inuits before, but I never really knew anything about them. I knew that they were very good at adapting to land quickly, but that was it. Three possible tourist activities would be visiting Baffin Island, exploring the Nunavut carvings, and the Inukpak outfitting.


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