The Aboriginals of Canada- the Inuit

The indigenous group that interests me is the Inuit people. They used to be called Eskimos, which came the Native American word for “eater of raw meat”. Now the Arctic people are officially known as the Inuit, which means “the people”.

They are located in Northern Canada, Alaska, Greenland, and Siberia. Nunangat is thier homeland, which refers to the land, water and ice contained in the Arctic region. There is eight Inuit groups in total. They are the Labradormiut (Labrador), Nunavimmiut (Ungava), Baffin Island, Iglulingmuit (Iglulik), Kivallirmiut (Caribou), Netsilingmiut (Netsilik), Inuinnait (Copper) and Invialuit or Western Arctic Inuit.

The reason why this group interests me is because I have heard about the Inuits before, but I never really knew anything about them. I knew that they were very good at adapting to land quickly, but that was it. Three possible tourist activities would be visiting Baffin Island, exploring the Nunavut carvings, and the Inukpak outfitting.


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The Locals meet Tourism

Global tourism- it sounds nice but underneath it all, it does not explain the real truths of the indigenous communities. Tourism is supposed to be an event where foreigners are to learn about the culture of the local people who live/have lived at that certain location. But, nowadays global tourism is a job to make money and to entertain people. There are places of attractions made on religious grounds and places that represented its community, now all gone. I think the three indigenous locations that I think would be interesting to visit, is Brazil, South & North Korea, and the Philippines. I have taken several classes about South America and specifically about Brazil. There is so much culture down there, that I feel like it has not been discovered yet. In Korea (both), I think that the indigenous people of Korea have had a rough past. But along with that, they had kings who were able to create their own language, poetry, etc. Now, they still keep their history alive, so it would be cool to visit there. And in the Philippines, they are commonly known to be a pacific islander, even though technically they are not. However, because I had family live there in the past and because they are so far from most of the other commonly known islands, I think it would be nice to visit there. A single story about Korea would be that success in life, meant to study hard and get into a good college and that South Korean schools are among the toughest schools in the world and are way superior to the average western schools. In Brazil, it would be that it is all beaches and fun, but nothing about the historical side. Another single story is that people in Brazil only care about the green card. In the Philippines, two single stories is that all Filipinos are very poor and uneducated.